The Porada Furniture Guide

Italian furniture has a reputation for great style and it does not come any better than the Porada brand.

Porada has a fantastic reputation for producing beautiful solid carved wooden furniture which is modern in design but still manages to have a tradition feel about it. They offer a variety of pieces that would look fantastic in any home.

Although the foundations of the company was based on producing fine wooden furniture it has branched out over the years and many materials are used including various metals, fabric and leather so there really is something to suit all tastes.

The company produce quality items such as sofas, chairs, dining tables, cabinets and bookcases to mention a few and is made in Italy from the Como area.

The company was formed in Italy in 1968 but it actually has a history many years before that which was based on making wooden chairs. From this expertise in producing high quality wooden products, the company expanded and grew to what it is today.

There are many different wood finishes available so for best advice contact your local dealing for some expert advice.

Porada furniture is sold around the world in various locations and has joined foces with several designers including Gino Carollo,  Giuseppe Viganò,  and Marelli & Molteni to produce a varied range.

If you are looking to buy Porada furniture in london then search on-line for one of the many stores available or even find interior designers in london to help you find the right look for your home.

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Everything You Need To Know About Marble Care, Polishing, Shining and Sealing

For most people the effort and time invested in maintaining marble surfaces at their highest appeal is worthwhile, considering their elegant and functional aspect. So what exactly does one need to-do to maintain marble surfaces? What follows is the A to Z of marble surface care.

  • Keeping Marble Surfaces Clean
  • (a) Marble Countertops

    Most solids and liquids in a household or office that end up on a marble surface do not instantly adhere to it. Provided that the potential stain is immediately removed from the surface, there is little else you would need to do to maintain the appeal of a marble countertop. A soft damp cloth should therefore be adequate in wiping off solid and liquid spills. Be careful not to use a wet cloth as such would leave traces of water that eventually get absorbed into the porous marble beneath the surface.

    (b) Marble Floors

    As with marble countertops, most solid and liquid spills can be wiped off without leaving any trace on a marble floor. You only need a dry mop to take care of liquid spills and a trash pan for collecting solids from the floor.

    (c) Marble Bathroom Floor and Walls

    Since marble surfaces in bathrooms are exposed to moisture for prolonged periods, scum inevitably forms on the surfaces. Scrubbing the walls and floor with plain water tends to leave an imperceptible layer of scum. If neglected, the scum ultimately becomes a permanent stain on the marble surfaces. This is why a 10% ammonia solution is more suited for scrubbing bathroom walls and floor. Ammonia not only removes scum completely but it also disinfects the surfaces. See more on tile shops london so you know it all and how it works. read more below.

    1. Removing Stains from Marble Surfaces

    Neglecting solid and liquid spills on marble surfaces causes them to leave stains even after the spills have been dealt with. This occurs because some of the solid or liquid gets adsorbed into the marble which traps the contaminants below the surface. To remove an ingrained stain you would have to prepare a poultice paste by mixing chalk, diatomaceous earth, plaster and a mild non-acidic cleaning agent. You would then apply the paste over the cleaned stained surface. You will then require having to duct tape a plastic sheet over the paste to ensure its gradual drying. Scrapping the paste from the marble surface after 24 hrs guarantees the complete removal of the stain.

    1. Polishing, Shining and Sealing Marble Surfaces

    Marble surfaces gradually lose the reflective quality, an important part of their overall appeal. The rate at which this occurs depends on the function of a particular marble surface. It follows that marble floors are first to exhibit a dull non-reflective surface. Fortunately there is a remedy to this natural tendency which takes the form of a specially formulated polishing powder. While polishing a marble surface, the powder is rigorously rubbed on to a small area of the dull marble surface repeatedly until it reacquires its original shine. This piecemeal process is known as shining a marble tiles surface.


    Sealing a marble surface is recommended if you desire that such surfaces retain their attractive shine for longer periods. Sealing involves introducing a thin layer of wax-based polymer over a marble surface. This layer of sealant protects the marble surface from both mechanical abrasion and the intrusion of liquid or solid spills into the porous marble underneath.

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    How To Clear A Flat In London

    The majority of residential property in London are flats, either purpose made or transformations. Usually access to the flats is problematic, sometimes due to stairs, narrow access, or parking restrictions. The big question therefore is how do you clear a flat under such circumstances? There are a wide range of activities that constitute clearance of a flat in London amongst them being full clearance of rubbish and waste from attics, sheds, garages and gardens. In addition, sweep through or deep clean also forms part of clearing a flat.


    Some flats in London are fully furnished and thus clearing them means that the fittings that have been put by the owner of such property have to be safeguarded besides also being left in good condition. When clearing such flats individuals and companies are advised to ensure that they generate a list of all the items and fittings and their condition so that they can effectively ensure that they are maintained in the same fashion that they have been for house clearance wimbledon

    Normally when enlisting for companies which carry out this exercise you are advised to seek one that will do it in a cost effective way. Similarly, there are clearing companies which are known to engage in the activity while observing eco-friendly guidelines to ensure that they neither pollute nor litter the environment in the course of their activities. They would ordinarily require you to indicate the specific tasks that you’d want them to accomplish before being given a quotation or hire a house clearance services provider in London.

    Why you should hire a flat clearance services company in London?

    Remember that the number of years in experience that the company of your choice has amassed will go a long way in determining the quality of work that the company will carry out on your flat. Clearing a flat need not be a daunting task especially when there exists numerous companies that have specialized in the exercise for flat clearance london by Manor Clearance company.


    Need Some Entertainment?

    If you are organising a party for a Wedding or a function for a work event, you may be thing of providing some entertainment for your guests during the evening.

    There are many types of entertainment available from disc jockeys to comedians but an alternative to this could be hiring a magician. Close up magicians are great fun and would suit guests of all ages.

    This certain style of magic is free flowing and quite personal because it is done face to face and not far away on a stage. The magician will move around to different sets of people. This can help your guests to interact with each other and introduce people that have never met before.

    If you do have younger guests and the act is suitable, they will be amazed by what they see and will remember the event for years to come.

    To find a great act you will complete some research most likely online to fine someone that is reasonably close to you. You could try searching  for a phrase like a magician in London or something similar and add the area that you are in.

    When looking at each Website, pay attention to things such as testimonials and good reviews for obvious reasons. You will have to contact the person beforehand to outline what you need from them and give them certain instructions if needed. For instance would their act be suited to younger and elderly guests if you will have them attend your event.


    For a little more information on close up mage visit the following Facebook page…https://www.facebook.com/alanhudsonmagic

    For a taste of what close up magic is, watch the video below this post.