Need Some Entertainment?

If you are organising a party for a Wedding or a function for a work event, you may be thing of providing some entertainment for your guests during the evening.

There are many types of entertainment available from disc jockeys to comedians but an alternative to this could be hiring a magician. Close up magicians are great fun and would suit guests of all ages.

This certain style of magic is free flowing and quite personal because it is done face to face and not far away on a stage. The magician will move around to different sets of people. This can help your guests to interact with each other and introduce people that have never met before.

If you do have younger guests and the act is suitable, they will be amazed by what they see and will remember the event for years to come.

To find a great act you will complete some research most likely online to fine someone that is reasonably close to you. You could try searching  for a phrase like a magician in London or something similar and add the area that you are in.

When looking at each Website, pay attention to things such as testimonials and good reviews for obvious reasons. You will have to contact the person beforehand to outline what you need from them and give them certain instructions if needed. For instance would their act be suited to younger and elderly guests if you will have them attend your event.


For a little more information on close up mage visit the following Facebook page…

For a taste of what close up magic is, watch the video below this post.